Saturday: Parade, Dancing & Music In Puerto Armuelles

2 women dancing in traditional Panamanian clothes followed by men drumming
Come and enjoy a parade & music in Puerto Armuelles
Photo: Daniel E. Sánchez via

Get ready for a fun time.  

If I read the poster right, there will be a celebratory parade of people in tipica costumes performing Tamborito music and dancing 

Tamborito* is Panama’s national dance.

You can really feel the African influences in the music.  El Tamborito is often performed at formal events, but I think it is best when it happens more causally.


Invitation and schedule of parade of tipica costumes
Here is the schedule in Spanish

In Puerto Armuelles.

It will start at the San Antonio Church.  The parade route is from Super Yen to the downtown municipal park (by the waterfront)

The Tourist Development Association of Baru is hosting this “First Parade of Tipica Costumes in Baru”. (Note: Baru is a district in the Chiriqui Province.)

You can enjoy people from all over Baru dancing and singing and showing off their best tipica costumes

Event Schedule

Saturday, April 29, 2017 

  • 3:00 – A mass at San Antonio Church will be said to bless the evenings activities
  • 5:00 – A parade of people wearing tipica customes while dancing  and playing Tamborito* music. 
  • There will be fireworks

The festivities & parade start outside of Super Yen. The parade ends at the  Municipal Park (by the waterfront).


El Tamborito is just one of many folk dances in Panama. But this lively dance is unique to the country. As I said above, it is Panama’s national dance.  The dance symbolizes a romantic courtship between a man and a woman.

Tamborito music incorporates the African influences in Panama. Tamborito means “little drum”. The music consists of three drums that layer upon one another.

An important aspect of the dance is the costuming. Women wear la polleras.  Polleras are are long white gowns with colorful embroidery, lace, and ribbons. On top of each female dancer’s head rests a large elaborate headdress. The men’s costume consists of a white loosely fitted shirt, trousers, and a straw hat.

At a casual event, people don’t necessarily wear tipica customs.  They also don’t necessarily do the more formal dance style or dance much at all.

Click for more information on Tamborito dance, music, and costumes.

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