Grand Opening! – Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market

September 2nd is the first one!

You can enjoy browsing, sampling, and shopping at Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market.

And you can enjoy it the 1st Saturday of every month.

With Puerto Armuelles, there are now 3 towns in the Chiriqui Province with monthly or weekly markets.

  • Boquete Tuesday Market
  • Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market
  • Volcan Friday Market

In fact, some of the vendors from both the Volcan and Boquete Markets will be selling their wares at the Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market.

We hope to grow as big as the Boquete Tuesday Market is today.  But as someone who went to it years ago, Boquete’s Tuesday Market was not always as big as it is today.

photo of exterior heavenly's hotel
Come on by the 1st Saturday of every month for the Puerto Armuelles Market


Puerto’s Saturday Market will be held at Heavenly’s Hotel.  Heavenly’s Hotel is a beachfront hotel in the San Vicente Neighborhood of Puerto Armuelles.

It is easy to find.  And there are signs giving directions to the hotel on the way. The image below has a map with the route to Heavenly’s Hotel marked in red.

On sunny days, it is an outside event.  On rainy days, it will move inside.

I also have directions to Puerto Armuelles via this link.

map show directions to heavenly's hotel in Puerto Armuelles with text
It is easy to find. Follow the signs to Heavenly’s Hotel


8am to 1pm on 1st Saturday of every month


If you have something you want to sell, you are welcome to sell it at the Saturday Market.

  • Extra household items
  • Baked goods
  • Produce
  • Etc

There is no charge to set up your table. But you do need to bring your own table and chairs.

Will you be at the market?

A baker from Boquete, Morton’s Bakery, will be here too.  If you want to pre-order from him, let me know and I will send you the menu/price list and pre-order contact info.   You must get your pre-order to him by Thursday.


If you have any household goods or other items you want to donate, there will be a donation table.  All proceeds will go to benefit the monthly spay and neuter clinic of Puerto Armuelles.

I made a video about the spay and neuter clinic of Puerto Armuelles.

I hope to see you on Saturday!

More Information

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or contact Milton @ 6843-3250 or Sheryl @ 6828-2605

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