The Puerto Armuelles Dog Show – An Event That Starts On Time Here

On July 23rd, Puerto Armuelles’ 2nd Annual Dog show happened.  

We stopped by last year.  But this year we were in it.

Although, that is only because there are actually 2 dogs shows.

The more formal one, followed by the more casual dog show.  I have captured the causal version of the dog show in the video above.

It is only in that less stringent show, that our dog, Ziggy, could win the most obedient dog award. Which he did.

Romero Dog Shows

The dog show happened in the parking lot of the Romero Supermarket in Puerto Armuelles.

Romero is a major supermarket chain in Panama.  They sponsor dog shows throughout Panama.

We meet a young woman at the show who had had participated at the dog show in Bugaba 2 weeks ago.

She had come down to Puerto Armuelles from David to be in our dog show as well.  She has 2 dogs.  She belongs to a dog club and takes it very seriously. She didn’t even bother to have her dogs out during the 2nd, less formal, dog show.  They stayed in the shade and in the car.

Do Events Start On Time In Panama?

In the video, I also discuss start times in Panama.  How some events start right on time and some don’t.

You have to be here for awhile to figure out which type of events will start promptly and which do not.  Although, you can still get it wrong when you are not a native – as you will see in the video.

Video Transcript

You can hear me, Betsy, doing a voice over in the video.  Here is what I say:

You can check out a bit of the dog show in Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

Well, this dog show was really over when we arrived.  They were giving out prizes and taking photos.

But it turns out, that even though we had thought it was over, and we’d come late because we didn’t think it was starting right away.  There’s two parts of the dog show.

And we were pulled into it, happily, for my daughter, there, with our dog Ziggy.  Because she had wanted to put her dog in.

And Veronique, who is with the cast, we had told about this dog show, so she is happily there.

But Sheryl, who you see there, she was just coming over to have us help her fix something.  We had told her we were going to be there so we could fix it while we were there.

But we’re all pulled into the second part.

You can see there’s little obedient checks.  Whether the dog will come to you, whether it will sit…

They do one run of that.

And then they have the audience give their input.  They base the 2nd round of prizes on how much applause each person got.

Pretty much everyone got some dog food.

Here’s an interesting cultural item.

You can easily think that everything happens late in Panama.  You know, its a relaxed lifestyle.

Things tend to be late, but not everything.

When my husband was at Romero’s.  They said the dog show was going to be starting  in a few minutes.

My husband looked around and said it didn’t look like it would start for about an hour. But it started right away.

When we showed up, an hour and 20 minutes later, it was pretty much over.  The main part at least.

And so, that is something we should have known – that the dog show would start on time. There’s certain things that start on time.

It’s just one of those things you kind of have to learn over time.  What things start on time and what things are likely to be very very late.

One thing I do like about Panama, is that there is no pre-registration.  Maybe for the first part, people pre-registered.  But I’m sure if you showed up, you could still participate in that.   And here, we were completely not prepared for the second part, and it was fine.

It is not necessary to do a lot of pre-planning in your life.   And I love that about Panama.

I made a slideshow type video of the 1st annual dog show.  The monthly spay and neuter clinic happened on the same day last year and I included some photos of that as well.  You can see that video here.

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