5 Tips To Find A Rental in Panama

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We hope you are having fun planning your trip to Puerto Armuelles, Panama

Looking for a place to rent, especially from far away, can be tricky.

For one reason or another, many people with rentals in Puerto Armuelles are reluctant to have their properties listed online.

Here are 5 tips that can help in your search.


1. Search Websites For Rentals

The websites listed below can be a good resource when searching for rental properties. Check these sites often for new listings.

And don’t just search, follow up on any possible lead. For instance, if you see someone is selling a fully furnished home, ask if he would consider renting it to you.

Here are some sites to search

You will quickly see that people in Puerto Armuelles are still not using these sites as much as people in other places in Panama. Which is why the next idea might work well.  Although, I am seeing more rentals in the area, especially on Flipkey.com.

2. Post A Housing Wanted Ad

In addition to searching the sites above, you can also try posting your own “rental wanted” ad on these sites.

  • Make sure you describe the location you want as well as what kind of rental you are looking for
  • Post the ad on all your social networking sites

Word of mouth can be the most effective way to find a place.  Maybe your co-worker’s uncle’s sister-in-law’s cousin has just the rental property you are looking for.

3. Ask on Forums

There are 2 yahoo groups which are the most relevant forums for Puerto Armuelles. More forums can be found via a Google search.  You can find answers to many of your Panama questions on these forums. Including the answer to
“Do you know anyone with a rental?”

Check out my Facebook Page too.  I will be starting an ExPats in Puerto Armuelles group soon.

4) Ask In Puerto Armuelles (or in whichever area you desire)

As I said, most rentals are never listed on the internet. You can get some leads by asking on the forums; but, the best way is too look around once you are in Puerto.

Especially if you are looking for an affordable long-term rental, you will find the best deals and the biggest selection by looking while in Puerto Armuelles.

Go to the area that you want to live

  • Walk around.
  • Look for rental signs.
  • Ask people if they know of any rentals.
  • Check local bulletin boards in grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to see if any ads are posted

Asking everyone you meet if they know of a rental is also a great way to meet people.  It will also help you get a feel for the area before you decide where it is you want to rent – or even if you do want to rent.

The big question is “Where can you stay while you are looking?”

Which brings up the 5th way to find a place to rent in Puerto Armuelles

5) Long-Term Stay At A Hotel

You can stay at a hotel for a few weeks while you look for a house to rent.
At least 2 of Puerto Armuelles hotels and its B & B both offer long term rates.

Or maybe all you want is to relax and rent a place for 1-3 months.
Staying at a hotel or B&B could be all you need, without all the searching.

Click for rentals & long-term hotel stays in Puerto Armuelles 

We wish you the best in your rental search.

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