Places to Stay in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

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Enjoy your time in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

Updated: Nov. 6, 2017

Puerto Armuelles has 4 hotels.  

  • 2 are beach front (in town)

  • 1 is by the downtown waterfront park

  • 1 is on the main road coming into town

Puerto also has a B&B and Air BnB rentals 

Also on this page you can find:
1) Tips on Finding Rentals, and 2) Hotels on nearby Punta Burica info.

Hotels, B&B & More

1) Big Daddy’s Beach Club & Hotel

Big Daddy’s Beach Club Resort was formerly Heavenly’s Hotel.  New expat owners took over the hotel in September 2017.

Big Daddy’s is a beachfront hotel & restaurant.  It has a swimming pool, A/C, wifi and other amenities. You have 11 rooms to choose from.  It is in the San Vicente neighborhood, not far from downtown Puerto Armuelles.   Discover more about Big Daddy Beach Resort

2) Tsunami Inn

The Tsunami Inn is a small beach hotel with a swimming pool and a central gazebo hangout area. It has 8 small cabins to rent.  It is in the San Vicente neighborhood, across the street from the beach, and relatively close to downtown Puerto Armuelles. Find out more about the Tsunami Inn

3) Koco’s Place

Koco’s Place is a one-story hotel with a spacious lobby and a swimming pool.  But the pool never seems to have water in it anymore. It is a fine place to stay, especially if you have a car.  It is on the main road coming into town, about 5 minutes by car from downtown. Learn about Koco’s Place Hotel

4) Pension Balboa

Pension Balboa is in downtown Puerto Armuelles, kitty corner to the bus stop.  It is very inexpensive (7 -$10/night) but not always comfortable. Try to get a room on the outside balcony facing the water. More about Pension Balboa Hotel

5) The Puerto Armuelles BnB

The B&B is located in a comfortable home with a very large yard.  A delicious breakfast is included. People often stay here on a long-term basis.  The owner is Panamanian who spent years living in the States and speaks English well. Find out more about the B&B in Puerto Armuelles.

6) Air BnB

There is an increasing number of Air BnBs listed in Puerto Armuelles. To see the current Air BnB rentals in Puerto Armuelles, click this link.

7) Hostel Museo Las Palmas

An English-speaking Panamanian by the name of Hannibal rents out 3 rooms in his house.  He calls his house the Hostel Museo (Museum) Las Palmas.  He has signs leading to it’s location in the Las Palmas neighborhood of Puerto Armuelles. I have no idea what a stay there is like.  If you stay there, please let me know what it was like. You can call Hannibal at 507-6204-2598 to find out rates and availability. He speaks English.

Already in love with Puerto Armuelles?

Contact us to have a tour of town and our beautiful beach properties.

Reyn & I have lived in Puerto Armuelles for 11 years. We can easily answer many of your questions about living in Panama, and Puerto Armuelles in particular.  Start browsing our beach properties here.

 8) Hotels on The Punta Burica Pennisula

If you want to stay in a remote & beautiful location, Punta Burica is a good choice.  And it isn’t far from Puerto Armuelles.

There are 5 hotels (including 2 fishing lodges) on Punta Burica.  The closest one to Puerto Armuelles is only 30 minutes away. Click to find out about places to stay on Punta Burica.

Rentals – Long Term

The best way to find a good rental is on-the-ground. Most rentals are not listed on line.

You may want to stay at a hotel for a few weeks while you look for a place to rent.
All the hotels and the B&B in Puerto Armuelles offer long term rates.

Read my 5 tips to find a rental in Puerto Armuelles.