Your Hotel Options on Punta Burica, Panama

It Is Hard to Find Information 0n Hotels on Panama’s Punta Burica peninsula.

I have gathered the information I could find below.

Places To Stay On Punta Burica.

From closest to Puerto Armuelles to furthest, they are:

  1. Bamboo Bay
  2. Hooked On Panama
  3. Punta Burica Lodge (formerly Hotel Burica)
  4. Mono Feliz
  5. Tigre Salvaje

NOTE: If you go out to one of these hotels, don’t forget your passport.

You will most likely be asked for it by the guards at PTP (ie., Petroterminal). You have to pass through PTP property to get out to Punta Burica.

1) Bamboo Bay

View of cabanas on beach of Punta Burica
Bamboo Bay – 7 miles (11 km) from Puerto Armuelles

Contact info



  • Cabanas – $30/night, $150/week, $300/month
  • House – $50/night, $200/week, $500/month


  • On the beach on Punta Burica Panama.
  • 3 miles past the PTP Terminal
  • 7 miles (11 km ) from Puerto Armuelles
  • 60 miles (97 km) from David Panama

More Info

  • You need to bring your own food from Puerto Armuelles or go to a neighboring bar for your meals.

It looks good as you drive by. However, I have heard from some folks that stayed there that it is very rustic. They stayed there one night and then moved to the next place, Hooked on Panama.

2) Hooked on Panama

swimming pool and cabanas at Hooked on Panama
Hooked on Panama – Fishing Lodge (for non-fishing visits too)

Contact info



  • 1-888-REEL-EM-UP (1-888-733-5368) — A Toll-Free USA Number
  • 011-507-6465-4124 — From the USA (Not toll-free)
  • 6465-4124 — Number to use while in Panama


Please let them know that Betsy & Reyn from sent you.


  • $395 for 3 nights (no fishing), double occupancy
  • Add $100 for each night after 3
  • Price Includes:
    • Transport from David to the Lodge at Hooked on Panama
    • All meals and beverages

It seems like a sweet deal!

See their website for up-to-date prices and info on their fishing packages


  • On the beach on Punta Burica – near Limones.
  • About 17 kilometers south of Puerto Armuelles,
  • Latitude 8. 06. 895 NORTH, Longitude 82. 52. 036 WEST

More Info

  • Swimming pool and game room with pool table.
  • Restaurant and bar in its large main lodge.
  • Large outdoor gazebo for dinning or hanging out (see photo above)
  • 12 individual cabins with decks
  • A/C and Wi-Fi.

3) Punta Burica Lodge (formerly Hotel Burica)

Flyer for Punta Burica Lodge

Contact Info


  • Panama: 507-836-6916
  • US Toll Free: 888-436-7198
  • Or the numbers & email on the image above. The website on the image has no information on it.


  • On the beach in Puerto Balsa

More Info

You can stay at the Punta Burica Lodge. Recently people have reported doing so on the Punta Burica group page on Facebook. The group’s page is also the source of the image above.

We meant to stop by the hotel on our return trip from Mono Feliz recently, but we didn’t drop down to the beach until Limones, which is past Puerto Balsa.

I found a video that describes a stay at the hotel. But I could find no other information about it on-line. Here is the link to the video: burica video

The owners also seem to be selling land in a development called Playa Burica. It is unclear whether they rent cabanas on that property or not. They might have an option to stay free there. I suggest you give them a call to get more information.

4) Mono Feliz

A Good Place To “Be”

Contact Info

Most of the contact information I have found on-line for Mono Feliz is incorrect!

This is the correct information for Mono Feliz

  • Phone: 6595-0388
  • Email:

Replies from email can be slow.
Calling is a better option. Although Mono Feliz has no cell phone service, all phone calls are relayed to Mono Feliz within 24 hours.

If calling from outside Panama, you will need to use the Panama’s country code, 507.

Mono Feliz has never turned anyone away.
They will always accommodate unexpected visitors.

John (nicknamed ‘Juancho’) and his wife, Luzmila, own & operate Mono Feliz.

We love going to Mono Feliz. It is a very relaxing experience.

However, if a relaxing experience for you means having electricity, Mono Feliz is not the place for you.

For prices, directions, and other information on Mono Feliz, click here.


  • Beach Cabins: $25/person $45/couple
  • Jungle Cabins: $22/person $42/couple $50/family
  • Lookout Cabin (great view) $15/person
  • Camping (15 minute walk away in the “Otra Mono”) $6/person

All Accommodations Include:

Swimming Pool Use, Shower, Toilet, & Drinking Water,


  • Any food costs are considered a donation
  • If you bring in your own food, you may “rent” the kitchen for $1 a meal.
  • Meal prices vary. If you eat what is cooking, it is a much lower price. (Approx. $25 for 3 meals)

NOTE: Mono Feliz Does Not Have Electricity, Air Conditioning, Fans, Telephone, or Hot Water.

(Although there is a solar powered light in the kitchen rancho.)

It is a relaxing – completely off-the-grid – jungle/beach experience.

(My family LOVES when we go there – if only because I am forced to get off the computer!)

Surfing and surfboard rental available.

To Read About Surfing on Punta Burica, Click on this Link.


  • On the beach and in the jungle of Punta Burica Panama
  • 30 km from Puerto Armuelles

Directions to Mono Feliz:

The time it takes to get there varies by your transportation method.

  • 1 hour by car and driving on the beach
  • 1.5 hours by car and using the road
  • 2.5 hours by bus

By Bus

  • Puerto Armuelles to Bella Vista (the closest town) – 1-1/2 hrs
  • From Bella Vista it is an hour walk to Mono Feliz.
  • You can get directions, guides, and baggage bearers for the journey to Mono Feliz.
  • Simply visit the store, El Mono Feliz, in Bella Vista. The store owner will provide a guide and /or person to carry your baggage. (Please tip.)

By Bus, Time from Puerto Armuelles: 2 1/2 hrs plus

By Car (regular car in dry season, 4WD in wet)

Via roads, not the beach:

  • Go south from Puerto Armuelles to the PTP (ie.Petroterminal)
  • (Follow the signs to Puerto Balsa. You will see home made ‘Puerto Balsa’ signs beginning in Puerto Armuelles).
  • You may need ID to pass through the PTP.
  • In about 15 km you will see a fork in the road with signs for Limones and Bella Vista.
  • Take the right fork to Bella Vista
  • (Limones is where Hooked on Panama, above, is located)
  • At this point the road gets pretty rocky and rough.
  • There will be another fork. Go Straight to Mono Feliz and Bella Vista (signed)
  • Do not go to Puerto Balsa (left)
  • You will go up a hill. At the top is a bus stop and a school – Escuela de Bella Vista.

(This is Bella Vista)

  • Turn Right (behind bus stop) It is a smooth dirt road.
  • Go until you hit a T-intersection. To the left is the beach.
  • Turn right. You are in the home stretch to Mono Feliz.
  • A 10 minute and pleasant drive through the edge of the jungle with peek-a-boo ocean views.
  • At the end, there is a parking lot to the right.

By Car Via The Road, Time from Puerto Armuelles: 1 1/2 hrs plus

Car Beach Route

(Requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle & timed for low tide)

  • Go to the PTP.
  • Immediately after the PTP, veer onto the beach. (You will see a track)
  • Go during low-tide and you can go all the way to Mono Feliz on the beach. You enter the Mono Feliz road right where the T-intersection is described above. (Alternatively, to avoid most of the lajas (rocky outcropping on the beach), get on the road again in Limones.
  • We love going the beach route. It is smoother, cooler, lots of birds to look at, and just plain fun! It is especially fun if you ride in back of a pick up truck.

By Car Via The Beach, Time from Puerto Armuelles: 1 hr plus

5) Tigre Salvaje

Hotel portion of Tigre Salvaje

Contact Info


Phone: 6446-9529 (Panama cell phone)



Dave and his wife, Vielka, own and operate Tigre Salvaje.

Tigre Salvaje, like Mono Feliz, has no Internet access at the hotel.

Also Like Mono Feliz, if you show up, Tigre Salvaje will always accommodate you.

(I’m not sure how many people know it by the name Tigre Salvaje. Mostly people refer to it as “Dave’s Place”)

NOTE: Tigre Salvaje’s primary mission is wildlife education and preservation. They welcome visitors and volunteers, but that is not their primary mission.


For volunteers:

  • For the first week: $35 per night including 3 meals a day.
  • Subsequent weeks: $25 per night including 3 meals
For non-volunteers:
  • $55 per night including breakfast. Double occupancy. $10 per additional person


  • On the beach on Punta Burica Panama
  • Very close to the Costa Rica border


Rancho and palm trees

You cannot drive a car to Tigre Salvaje. The road ends at Mono Feliz.

It is a 40 minute walk from Mono Feliz.
You can walk on the beach, on a trail along the edge of the jungle, or go back and forth between the two

See directions to Mono Feliz.

In Bella Vista, you may be able to get a horse back ride to Tigre Salvaje. Once you reach Bella Vista, go on the dirt road (per the directions to Mono Feliz, above), you will see a sign on the right about horses (caballos, in Spanish) to Tigre Salvaje. I did not inquire there. However, you might be able to rustle up a horse to take you and your luggage to Tigre Salvaje. Ask when you call or email them.

More Info

Young turtle in a hand

Dave at Tigre Salvaje actively tries to preserve the turtle population.

He would welcome your voluteer help.

There is some controversy over his approach. Here is a thread on Lonely Planet if you want to get a feel for it.


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John Babb
2 years 5 months ago

I just returned from a trip to Punta Burrica with my family. Even with 4×4 we were unable to pass the ramp off the beach to Mono Feliz or the road route because of the road conditions. It may warrant advising readers these places (Tigre Salvaje) are not accessible during the rainy season without super high-clearance vehicle, tractor, horseback or hiking.


Santa Catalina

2 years 5 months ago
Hi John, Thanks. I will add advisory although those problems usually only happen after particularly bad storms. I hope you had a good time anyway. We had quite an adventure getting out to Mono Feliz our first time out. It actually took us two days and we had to stay with a family overnight. But that was highly unusual even way back then. We have since gone out just for the day. My favorite way to go is on the beach. The kids and I clamber into the back of the truck and enjoy the rushing air and all the… Read more »
Juan Manuel Esquivel
Juan Manuel Esquivel
4 years 9 months ago