A Visit to the Circus – David, Panama

We enjoyed going to the circus.

As a bonus we ran into a few other people from Puerto who were at the Circus. 

This was the first time we have seen Circus Portugal.

Circus Animals in Panama

This circus has no live animals.

I know there are many reason people object to animals in the circus. But one thing I like about animals in circuses, at least in Panama, is that you get to see them up and personal.

They are housed right outside the circus tent.  So even if you don’t go to the Circus, you can see the animals.  I have seen camel, giraffes, elephants and more housed outside when the circus has been in town.

If you don’t want to watch the video, the transcript is below.

Video Transcript

Hi this is Betsy of Living in Panama

We went to the circus in David the other day

I just wanted to give a little snippet of what it was like.

The circus comes through the Chiriqui province probably 2, maybe, 3 times a year. Different circuses.

It stops in David as well as in Pasa Canoas, which is at the border.

We really like going to the circus.

We used to love the Circus Renato.

But for reasons that are understandable I don’t think they are around any more. They had a many live animals and for obvious reasons, people have objections to that.

But Renato was an amazing showman. He put on a great show.

This was a fine circus.

It was mostly, which I don’t capture much here,great for its comedy.

The best comedy we saw, I actually didn’t record.

If you ever want to go, it is here to the end of the month. It’s right next the Pricesmart and the Chiriqui Mall.

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