How To Reserve A Property in Puerto Armuelles Panama

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It is fast and simple to do

Increasingly, people are asking us if they can put money down on a property.

Just until they can make it down to see it in person.   

In the past, we have always said, no.

We really want people to visit Panama & Puerto Armuelles before they commit to a property.

One of the reasons, we are seeing a surge in these requests is the uptick in economic activity in Puerto Armuelles.

  • Work on the expansion and improvements of the road to Puerto Armuelles is almost fully complete. The road to Puerto was a simple 2-lane road, with almost no streetlights.  Now, the road to Puerto Armuelles is a 4-lane well-lighted highway.
  • A new and expanded hospital is currently being built in Puerto Armuelles
  • Del Monte is already working to start production in the banana farms outside of Puerto Armuelles. This is hugely positive news for the economy of Puerto Armuelles.
  • Across the board, there is simply more construction and interest in Puerto Armuelles

We have had to acknowledge that there may be a legitimate need to put a hold on a property for a short time.  

$1000 for 60 Days

We understand that it takes time to arrange a trip down to Puerto Armuelles. Plus it is makes planning that trip much less stressful if you can put down a hold deposit.

After making a reserve payment, you won’t experience the agony of someone else buying “your” property BEFORE you even have a chance to see it in person.

So now you can put a hold on a property.

You can reserve a property for 60 days for only $1,000.

Applies to Purchase Price

The good news is that you can apply that $1000 towards the price of the property.

This gives you 60 days to get down to Puerto Armuelles.  You can explore the property.  Make sure you really want to buy it.   We won’t sell the property to anyone else during those 60 days.

How To Reserve A Property

It is a simply process to reserve a property.

  • We both sign a binding agreement
  • Paypal or wire us $1000

The reservation deposit is non-refundable, if you don’t buy that property, or any of our other properties, within those 60 days.

However, if you do buy the property, or any of our other properties, within that time, the $1000 deposit will go towards the purchase price.

4 Bonuses With Our Properties

Our goal is to offer the best property deals in Panama.  To that end, we offer 4 bonuses to our clients.

Money Back Guarantee.  We believe we are the only site in Panama that offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on your property purchase. Go to Money Back Guarantee on Property for more.

Air Fare Pay Back. If you buy one of our properties during your visit, we will pay the airfare you spent to get here.  Read more about this offer, on the Money Back Guarantee info page.

Financing.  We offer owner financing. This is a great perk since getting bank financing in Panama can be a time-consuming and pain-in-the-neck process to endure. Go to our property financing offer for more.

Advice & Information.  We won’t disappear once you buy one of our properties. We are here for you. We are available as a resource for advice and information on the wide range of things that crop up when you buy property and move to Panama. We want to help you make a successful and happy transition to life in Panama.

To explore our beautiful beach properties, visit our Puerto Armuelles real estate page.  

Related Advice

I want to repeat here something I say often. Come to Panama, come to Puerto Armuelles, a few times, or stay for awhile, before deciding to buy property or move here.  Make sure it is the right place for you.

One way to get a glimpse of whether Panama is right  for you, is to take our brief “Will You Be Happy In Panama?” quiz.