Drone View – Beautiful Beach Property For Sale – Puerto Armuelles

This is my video using my new drone!  A DJI Phantom 3 Pro.  

It is very fun to fly.

The hardest part is using the new-to-me software needed to edit the footage.  (At least it is necessary when you take experienced photographers advice and you shoot in dlog. That makes everything “flat”, requiring more intensive post-editing!) I attempted to use Adobe Premier Pro.  Please let me know how you think it turned out.

I will be taking more and better drone footage. Hopefully soon.

It is the rainy season so I cannot do it just anytime. I need to wait for blue skies in the morning. The afternoons are abit too breezy for my skill level.

The Property

Corazon de Oro is really beautiful.  Which is one reason we are building our first Living In Panama House there.

The end of the video above, includes footage from Friday, July 28, of the house under construction.

If you are searching for a wonderful place to live on the beach, you should check out our Corazon de Oro properties.

Find out more about the beautiful Corazon de Oro here.

Video Transcript – & Links 

This beautiful beach property (seen in the video above) is for sale in Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

It is just one of the 20 beautiful properties we have here at Corazon de Oro.

Stay to the end of the video, to see one of our Living In Panama houses in the process of being built.

We now offer a 1-bedroom, in addition to the 2 and 3-bedroom Living In Panama house models.   Learn more about the Living In Panama House here. 

This property leads right down to a beautiful beach. It is the rainy season so, driftwood has accumulated for the time being.

It is only a half hour beach walk to town, or 5 minutes by car.  Check out the video I made of walking on this beach, into town.

This is truly a beautiful place just to be.

The prices for these 20 lots range from under $100 thousand for beachfront, to as low as $32 thousand. You can find out more about these 20 lots by clicking  (the link below).

This beach front lot is 54 feet wide and 140 feet deep.

As you have probably heard, Puerto Armuelles is the charming beach town in the Chiriqui Province that Chiquita Banana built back in the 1920s.  It a unique town in Panama.

As you see here, you can have a house built for you.

Our Living in Panama houses are designed specifically for the tropics and for you to customize.  You can find out more about the Living in Panama House here.

Find out about our Money Back Guarantee on our properties.  

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