Money Back Guarantee + Bonuses

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Fast & full refund! (minus closing costs and expenses)

We offer what no other property seller in Panama offers.  

A chance to change your mind.

We give you 30 days from the time you sign the purchase agreement to change your mind about the purchase.  

No questions asked.

Full & Fast Refund

We will give you a full and fast refund (minus closing costs & expenses).

However, we don’t think you will take us up on this refund offer.  

All our properties are throughly vetted and priced well.  And we encourage you to throughly explore the property and the area well before you buy.  

But the money back guarantee is there, if you ever need it.  

4 More Perks of Buying Our Properties

Our goal is to offer the best property deals in Panama. So we sweeten the deal with 4 bonuses.

Air Fare Pay Back. If you buy one of our properties during your visit, we will pay the airfare you spent to get here. (Note: If you do change your mind and get a refund, it will be minus the cost of the airfare.)

Financing.  We offer owner financing. This is a great perk since getting bank financing in Panama can be a time-consuming and pain-in-the-neck process to endure. Go to our property financing offer for more.

Reserve Your Property option. Due to popular demand, we now allow you to reserve “your” property for 60 days for only $1000.  Find out more about reserving a property.

Advice & Information.  We won’t disappear once you buy one of our properties.  We are here for you. We are available as your resource for advice and information on the wide range of things that will inevitably crop up when you buy property and move to Panama. We want to help you make a successful and happy transition to life in Panama.

To explore our beautiful beach properties, visit our Puerto Armuelles Real Estate page.