Our Financing Offer – It’s A Good One

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Contact us to discuss your financing needs

We offer financing to help you buy property.

This is a great advantage to you since it can be time consuming and difficult to get bank financing in Panama.

And, if you are interested in ROP property, bank financing is non-existent. 

You can only obtain bank financing for titled property.

Our Financing Offer

We carefully determined our terms by considering both what our clients have been asking for and looking at other owner-financing options available in the area.

We feel that our terms are both fair and competitive.

  • 30% down (40% down on properties under $50K)
  • Remainder paid in monthly installments over 5 years
  • 8.5% interest

We are happy to discuss your financing needs.  Please contact us.

Bank Mortgages

You can also get a mortgage from a bank in Panama.

In fact, recently, it has become somewhat easier for foreigners to get mortgages here.  Click the link to find out more about Panama bank mortgages including what they require and terms.

4 More Perks of Buying Our Property 

Our goal is to offer the best property deals in Panama.  To that end, we not only offer financing on our properties, but other perks as well.

Money Back Guarantee.  We believe we are the only site in Panama that offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on your property purchase. Go to Money Back Guarantee on Property for more.

Air Fare Pay Back. If you buy one of our properties during your visit, we will pay the airfare you spent to get here.  Read more about this offer, on the Money Back Guarantee info page.

Reserve Your Property option.  Due to popular demand, we now allow you to reserve “your” property for 60 days for only $1000.  Find out more about making a payment to reserve a property.

Advice & Information.  We won’t disappear once you buy one of our properties. We are here for you. We are available as a resource for advice and information on the wide range of things that crop up when you buy property and move to Panama. We want to help you make a successful and happy transition to life in Panama.

To explore our beautiful beach properties, visit our Puerto Armuelles real estate page.