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5 Important Things About Our Properties

  1. Almost all are beachfront or a short stroll to beach
  2. Thoroughly vetted — All are safe & solid investments
  3. Prices are both affordable & negotiable
  4. All in the unique & charming beach town of Puerto Armuelles
  5. In best spots & neighborhoods in the area

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Not all our properties are listed here, or anywhere online.

If you take a property tour with us, you will see our newest & most affordable deals.
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Beachfront Property

blue ocean, blue sky, some white clouds, a sail boat
An Intimate Beach Community

Playa Esperanza – Quiet & Beautiful

  • 4 peaceful beach properties – Playa Esperanza
  • Just recently made available to buy
  • 5 minutes from downtown
  • Custom home just built next door
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • Prices from $39K – $87K

Ocean, beach, blue skies, palm tree frond
Can You Imagine Living Here?

Large & Beautiful Beachfront Lot

  • Over 7000 square foot lot
  • Only 5 minutes from town
  • Quiet & Peaceful
  • Part of Playa Esperanza
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • A deal at $87,500



blue sky, dramatic white clouds, palm trees, ocean
Live Large & Lush

Don’t Wait – Live At The Beach Today

  • Enjoy the ocean every day
  • Only 5 minutes from town
  • Ample property & Relaxing views
  • Part of Playa Esperanza
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • Only $74,500



sandy beach, blue ocean, blue sky, palm trees
Anyone for a beach walk?

A Gorgeous & Peaceful Beachfront Lot

  • Live on the beach & in town!
  • 6460 sq foot lot (600 sq. meter)
  • A wonderful place to call home
  • Part of Playa Esperanza
  • Only $82,500



man standing in small ocean waves
Frolic in the ocean by walking out your door

Start Your Dream Life Here

  • Walk & swim at beach everyday
  • 50 Feet (15m) of Beachfront
  • 10 -15 Minute Walk to Downtown
  • Strong investment potential
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • A bargain at $36,900


grassy land, palm trees, ocean, blue sky
This could be your front yard

Live The Sweet Life

  • Refreshing ocean breezes
  • 50 Feet (15m) of Beachfront
  • Adjacent to lot above – buy both for 100 feet of beach
  • Strong investment potential
  • Only $29,900


fishing boats on a blue ocean
Create Your Business Here

Widest Beach – Right on a Point

  • 69 meters of beachfront (280 feet)
  • Great views in all directions
  • Refreshing ocean breezes
  • Ideal site for luxury homes, hotel, boat facilities….
  • Pez de Oro neighborhood
  • $32K  to $104K (4 lots)



wide expanse of beach bordered by trees and the ocean
Wonderfully Wide Beach

Big, Beautiful, Beach Front

  • 62 feet of beachfront (19 meters)
  • Gorgeous views up and down the beach
  • Step out your door to the beach
  • Over 7700 square foot property (720 sq. meters)
  • Pez de Oro neighborhood
  • Only $85,500


photo of ocean beach with birds and pier in distance
Bird watching opportunities

Excellent Choice For A Boat Owner

  • Over 5400 square foot property
  • 62 feet of beachfront (19 meters)
  • By a primitive boat launch
  • Step out your door to the beach
  • Business opportunity
  • Pez de Oro neighborhood
  • Only $67,500


yellow house on beach with a white fence on street front
Beautiful beach & great place to live

Beach Front House – Best Value in Area 

  • Beach front house – 1350 sq. feet
  • Property is flat and well-drained
  • 52 feet of beachfront
  • Located in town and near services
  • In the desirable San Vicente neighborhood
  • An incredible deal – $87,500


still ocean, big blue sky
You deserve to live at the beach

A Jewel of A Beachfront Property

  • Enjoy this view & beautiful beach every day
  • 52 feet of beachfront
  • Located in town and near services
  • This is adjacent to the lot listed above
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • Only $59,500


ocean and blue sky
Is this your beach place in Panama?

 Make Your Friends Jealous – Live Here

  • Relax & enjoy the beach here
  • 52 feet of beachfront
  • Located in town and near services
  • This is adjacent to the lot listed above
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • Only $54,500



The ocean, beach, blue sky with thin white clouds
Imagine Owning This View

Ocean, Sand & Sun – All Yours

  • Pure “filet mignon” beachfront
  • 84 feet of beach front!
  • Room for 2 beach bungalows
  • Strong investment potential
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • A Bargain At Only $24,500


View of property and big blue sky with trees and ocean in distance
Live Here!

24 Lots – Most Beautiful Beach In Puerto Armuelles

  • Beachfront lots, medium and large lots
  • Flat, Level –  Gorgeous
  • At Corazon de Oro
  • Affordably Priced From $119K – $31K

Discover Corazon de Oro Here



person walking on beach under blue skies with white clouds
Beautiful Beachfront Lot

Large & Beautiful Beach Front

  • At Corazon de Oro development
  • Level lot with easy access
  • Over 900 sq. feet of land
  • 17 feet of linear beach front
  • Only $119,750




Short-Stroll-To-Beach Properties

ocean, beach, blue sky, white clouds
Very Affordable Place To Live

40 Yards From Beach For Under $40K

  • Swim in the ocean every day
  • Only 5 minutes from town
  • Quiet & Peaceful Property
  • Part of Playa Esperanza
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • Cheap at $39,500


surf foam, small waves, man standing in ocean with surfboard
Its Never To Late To Learn To Surf

Transform Your Life & This House

  • 100 yards from beautiful beach (our favorite)
  • Neighborhood has a good mix of 
expat and locals.
  • 1 lot away from an expat house that is selling for $150K
  • Swim or surf everyday (surf season: June – November)
  • Corazon de Jesus neighborhood
  • Great buy at $34,500


Cluster of Palm trees, ocean and river view
On A River With Big Ocean Views

Wonderful River & Beach Property

  • Fabulous site on the Corotu River
  • Great Views of the Ocean
  • Stone’s Throw from the Beach.
  • Large property
  • Across Street from Luxurious Ex-pat Home
  • San Vicente neighborhood
  • A Sweet Deal At $64,500

yellow house, red door, in green yard with palm and other trees
Structurally Upgraded. An easy place to remodel

Great Corner House By The Beach

  • 100 Yard Walk To Beautiful Beach
  • Popular Neighborhood Outside of Town
  • Comes With Architect-designed House Plans
  • Flat site with easy access
  • Corazon de Jesus neighborhood
  • Affordable at $49,500



Green field or site bordered by trees and plantings
Your Dream House Here

Live Steps Away From The Beach

  • Beautiful beach only 70 yards away
  • Vibrant community
  • Ready for you to build your dream house
  • A wonderful beach haven
    • Corazon de Jesus neighborhood
  • A steal at $37,500


View Property

View of Green tree tops, blue ocean and blue sky
Affordable, Titled & Views!

Titled Ocean View Real Estate

  • Exclusive Neighborhood
  • Can Subdivide Into 3 parcels
  • 10 min. Walk From Town Center
  • Las Palmas neighborhood
  • Priced at only $54,000


treed rolling hill with ocean view
Cooler temps, Great views

13 Acres of Farm Land – Views!

  • Sweeping Views Of Ocean & Town
  • Refreshing breezes
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Raise horses or cattle
  • Great location for eco-lodge or guest ranch
  • Just $97,500 for 13 acres


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1 year 2 months ago

Hi! My husband and I will be coming down to visit in March/April 2016 and will be staying in Boquete. We are interested in checking out Puerto Armuelles and looking at some property while we are there. What is the best way to contact you about showings? Thanks!

Jackie (Michigan, USA)

1 year 4 months ago

Hello Reyn.
I talked to you on sunday about my visit in Puerto Armuellas, and the properties that I saw and was offered. I am interested in the one in Las Palmas.
Thank you

1 year 4 months ago

Are there building restrictions? And what is the range of cost to build per sq foot?
I am looking for enough land on the ocean to build a small hotel for yoga. is there anything like this for sale? Around 10-12 rooms.
Would like to have it close to activities and dining.

1 year 7 months ago

I saw a question above about professions. My daughter is 14, we are researching as a family moving to include us our children and my father. My question is her dream job is a lawyer so is there any way she would be able to fulfill this there, if so how long would she have to live there first, by what age would she have to move, etc. I know it’s several years but don’t want to hurt her dreams. Thank you

Joseph Zappone
Joseph Zappone
1 year 8 months ago

Hi I am a disable veteran living on a $3000 a month disability. I currently live in NYC in our family house that me and my siblings are about to see. I need to find a warm climate where I can live comfortably with my small Income. I would like to visit panama for a month to see how I would like it..please call or e Mail me @