Quiz! Will You Be Happy In Panama?

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Moving to Panama is a big decision.

Your biggest question is probably,

“Will I Be Happy In Panama?

In this quiz, you will explore all the items you should consider before deciding if Panama is right for you.

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Will You Be Happy In Panama Quiz

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  • Can You Afford To Live In Panama?
    pac-man icon with word budget, "eating" food, fun, etcPanama can be incredibly affordable. But your personal cost of living will depend on both where you live and what you buy.

    If you buy all the same brand names from back "home", then your cost of living will be significantly higher than if you shop more like a local.

    And your location matters.

    While Panama City is more affordable than some parts of the US, it is not an inexpensive place to live. In the same way, if you live in areas that have a big expat population, you are likely to spend more money.

    About calculating your budget. If you receive a pension of some sort, it is much easier to figure out your monthly budget. It can be trickier to figure your monthly "retirement" income, if your plan is to sell everything and live on the proceeds. 

    To help figure out if you can afford to live in Panama (or anywhere), use these calculators.

    What Will Your Average Monthly Budget Be in Panama?
    (Don't forget to include travel costs to visit back "home".)

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Hi.. My husband and I are looking for the ideal place for an active and affordable retirement. Boating fishing and watching the sun set over the ocean are top priorities. I think we will like the carribbean side better than the Pacific.. Question is which locations on the north coast offer sunsets?

Dorothy Gunn

I plan on taking my early retirement and my e-commerce business to Panama. I envision a small home, some chickens a dog and maybe a goat or two. What area would you recommend? I want to be around Native Panamanians. I don’t want to travel that distance to live in a pseudo America


I want to buy a home in Panama, what are the procedures to buying a home in Panama


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Property in panama.


I was stationed 11 years in the navy and my wife was born in the canal zone. Been thinking about being back down there but not sure a bi-polo person would get proper medical help down there. I know there have been many changes but I can remember being the only person on the white sand of the beach in both directions.