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8 Comments on "Opening A Bank Account In Panama"

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le son

im in vietnam and looking into permanent resident in Panama visa. The Gov requires amount of money in the bank so how can i open a fix account in Panama Bank and which bank is the best?
thank you very much!


I have scotia bank in the usa would it be a problem dealing with scotia in panama?open an account is what I am saying , also I am not us citizen just legal resident .would that be a problem to relocate to panama , I an looking into permanent res in panama visa


Hi there! Thanks for the great and informative article.
I am a Canadian wanting to open a personal account in Panama. Is there a Canadian service that I could pay to do this for me? Can i do this all remote or do I have to fly to Panama in person?
Maybe like Jocelyn said, I should open a Scotia bank account in Canada first and then the adjoining account in panama?

Thanks for any guidance!! xo :)


If we already have a Scotiabank account in Canada, can we continue to bank at Scotia in Panama?


Hi Jocelyne,

You will have to open up an account there in Panama as well.
But since you have one in Canada, it may make it faster and easier.