The Facts About Flights From Panama City To David

UPDATED Feb 9, 2017

Aerial view of bridge, water, and land from airplane leaving Albrook airport in Panama city
View from Airplane. Flying Out to Panama City.

You will find alot of outdated and confusing information about flights from Panama City to David.

In this post, I give up-to-date answers to 3 common questions about that flight

  1. Is there a flight from Panama’s Tocumen Airport to David?
  2. How about the Albrook airport: Where can I fly from there? Where is it?
  3. Can you fly into Tocumen and fly out of Albrook in the same day?

1. Flights from Panama City’s Tocumen Airport (PTY) to David

Yes, you can now get a connecting flight from Tocumen to David’s Enrique Malek Airport!  Thank goodness.

But there is a caveat.

Technically, you can only fly from Tocumen to David’s airport if you are connecting from an international flight.  You allowed a 24 hour window between arriving in Panama City to boarding the connecting flight.

However, I have flown from Tocumen to David more than 24 from having arrived on an international flight. But I wouldn’t count on being able to do that.

Also, check out this tip about reservations and baggage limits on the flight from Tocumen to David


This development is wonderful, and so much cheaper for travelers.  International travelers used to have take a taxi from Tocumen to the Albrook airport to catch a flight from Panama City to David.

Given schedules and time needed to get to Albrook, you often had to spend the night in Panama City and take a flight out of Albrook the next day.  This meant you had to pay for taxis, a hotel, and meals in addition to the flight.  And even if you could catch a flight that day, you had the cost of the taxi ride to Albrook.

With Copa’s flight to David you get to skip the taxi ride to Albrook and you are much more likely to be able to catch a connecting flight that day.

Cheaper Fares

Plus since Copa started offering flights to David out of Tocumen, Air Panama has lowered their fares. Previously, Air Panama’s fares had been inching up steadily.  I took a flight in early 2015 which cost me $102, without taxes. When I last checked, Air Panama’s base fare was as low as $40!

To book a flight on COPA, click here.  

2. Panama City’s Albrook Airport

Air Panama is the only airline offering flights out of the Albrook airport (aka,  Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport).

Air Panama is Panama’s only domestic airline. (Copa is Panama’s International airline)

Air Panama offers many flights out of Panama’s Albrook airport

Destinations out of Albrook Airport

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 2 places in Columbia
  • Many destinations within Panama

Air Panama does not fly after dark.  This impacts its flight schedule.

To book a flight go to

You can call their office in Panama City as well at

(507) 316-9000, 315-0888, 315-0300

The people doing the booking speak English.

Fare Discounts

Pensionado’s & other senior residents get a discount on the ticket. I believe it is a 25% discount. You must show your qualifying visa or cedula to receive the discount.

Albrook Airport Location

The Albrook airport is next door to both the main bus terminal and the Albrook Mall.
It is a 15 minute drive from downtown Panama City and 30 – 45 minutes from Panama’s Tocumen International Airport.

3. Tocumen to Albrook airport – in the same day

If you are not flying to David, but somewhere else in Panama you will need to fly out of Albrook.

Plan on it taking 2 -3 hours from the time you land at Tocumen to when you take-off at Albrook.

This allows time for:

  • Customs
  • Baggage Claim
  • Travel time to Albrook

Your best bet is to take a taxi.  If all goes well, it will be a 30 minute taxi ride. But it is best to allow an hour for travel time. Of course, you can also take the bus there.  If you go by bus you need to allow more time.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions about flying from Panama City to David, Panama

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Hi, we would like to spend a weekend in Boquete while being on business trip in PC. I guess we should go for Air Panama and take off from Albrook to David Saturday morning? My only concern: how punctual and reliable is Air Panama? Also, can we buy the tickets in an agency in PC? (I can see some struggle when trying to book online from Europe). Thanks for your hints!