Ocean View Property In Quiet Las Palmas Neighborhood

Come Visit This Hill Property With Its Wonderful Ocean Views

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This large view property is on the brow of the hill in the historic Las Palmas neighborhood.

Chiquita Banana built this neighborhood in 1920s-1960s for their top executives.  

It is an historic neighborhood in the unique and charming beach town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

The Las Palmas neighborhood is made up of large lots and tropical wooden houses on stilts. From this property and neighborhood, you can hear howler monkeys, parrots, and the surf – esp. in the early mornings.

Everyday at dawn and then again at dusk flocks of parrots fly out of the neighborhood and then return in the evening.   It gives a wonderful rhythm to your day.

The neighborhood enjoys a member-only swimming pool & 9 hole golf course at a cost of only $10 a month.

The neighborhood has a definite sense of place.

Why Live Here

  • Great Ocean Views
  • Delight to the sounds of howler monkeys in the morning, tropical birds all day long, and ocean waves when the surf is up
  • Only 10 minute walk or drive 2 minutes to downtown & the Ocean
  • Enjoy fabulous breezes up here on the brow of the hill
  • Quietest spot in this quiet neighborhood
  • Historic neighborhood. Built by Chiquita Banana in 1930s-1960s for their top executives.
  • On brow of hill, in front of most prestigious houses in Las Palmas
  • Prime ocean-view-commanding lots

Property Details

  • Titled
  • ~5500 square meters (59,200 square feet)
  • Large enough to subdivide into 3 lots
  • Build your own home, and sell extra lots
  • Exclusive & Historic Neighborhood
  • Expat and local builders available for construction of home(s)

Expat Community

You can live in this quiet view enclave, but still be near activities and social gatherings. For instance, there are 2 weekly supportive and friendly expat gatherings in the nearby San Vicente neighborhood.

  • Sundays at Tsunami Inn
  • Wednesdays at Big Daddy’s Beach Club & Hotel

I point out the location of these 2 hotels in the video. I’m pleased to say I started the Wednesday get together at Big Daddy’s. I am very happy to see that it has evolved into a supportive Whatsapp group as well.

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Puerto Armuelles is a charming beach town

This property is in the charming & unique beach town of Puerto Armuelles. It was built from scratch by Chiquita Banana starting in the late 1920s.

Chiquita put its own unique stamp on the town.  Puerto has distinct neighborhoods. The ones Chiquita built have a nostalgic feel with their tropical wooden houses on stilts. Because the town was built by Americans it has a different feel and look that other places in Panama.

As I mentioned already, this property is in the Las Palmas neighborhood. The neighborhood Chiquita built exclusively for it’s executives. It has the largest lots of any of the Chiquita neighborhoods.  It is also a neighborhood with very little traffic since there are no roads connecting Las Palmas to other neighborhoods.

In the video, Google maps indicates you can drive from Las Palmas through the Retorno neighborhood and into the San Vicente neighborhood.  But that is not the case. Las Palmas purposely blocks access to its neighborhood. The only way into Las Palmas, by car, is from downtown Puerto.  Although, as the crow flies, the waterfront in San Vicente is less than a mile from this property, by car, it is almost 2 miles.

Puerto Armuelles is home to about 25,000 people.  It has all the services and amenities needed to such a population.  So while you may chose to shop in David, you don’t need to go anywhere but Puerto Armuelles to meet your daily needs.   David is the both the capital of and largest town in the Chiriqui Province  It takes about an hour and 15 minute to drive there from Puerto Armuelles.

“Puerto” is a wonderful place to live. It is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing beach lifestyle and retirement.

About Puerto Armuelles

  • Puerto has a real sense of place
  • Located right on the Pacific Ocean
  • Historic town. Built by Chiquita Banana, starting in the late 1920s
  • 2nd largest town in the popular Chiriqui Province.
  • Everything you need, right in town

Although it is not yet a tourist destination, Puerto has features to attract recreational visitors, as well as retirees.

  • Horseback riding on the beach or in the hills
  • Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or sea kayaking
  • Walks on the beach
  • Weekly expat get togethers
  • Volunteer to teach English at local University and schools
  • Help with local volunteer spay & neuter animal clinic
  • Fishing (there is even a fishing lodge 30 mins away, Hooked on Panama)
  • Feed the monkeys at Mono Feliz (about an hour drive away on Punta Burica)
  • Help with turtle rescue at Tigre Salvaje (40 min walk past Mono Feliz on Punta Burica)
  • Whale watching in season
  • Day trips to Boquete, Volcan or Boca Chica
  • Bocas del Toro is only 5 hour drive away and makes for a fun weekend trip
  • River rafting opportunities and more nearby

Puerto Armuelles is a place where you can easily create a happy and relaxed life.

Come visit us in Puerto, and see if you agree with us.


This property is titled.

Property Tax Exempt

Another piece of good news is that this property will be exempt from property taxes.

On October 18, 2017, Panama passed a huge Property tax reform. Starting in Jan. 2019, you will own zero property taxes on your primary home if you bought it for under $120,000.

So this property would be tax-exempt. (Assuming it is your primary residence in Panama).


If this property interests you, catch a plane to Panama.

Check out the property, town, and Panama.

This is the only way you will ever find out if is a good fit for you.

Please try to give me a heads up about when you are coming to Puerto Armuelles. That way we can set aside some out time to meet you. We enjoy giving people tours of property and town.

We love Puerto Armuelles, and you very well might love it too.

Next Steps

I recommend that you do the following:

  1. Contact us to schedule a tour of the property and the town
  2. If you don’t already know if Panama is right for you, take our brief “Will I Be Happy in Panama” quiz. The quiz provides a glimpse into the various challenges you may experience in Panama.
  3. Explore our site to learn more about Puerto Armuelles and get other FAQs answered

Keep in mind, that you really should spend some time living in Panama before you buy property.  You need to make sure Panama (and Puerto Armuelles) is a good fit for you before making a commitment to buy property.

Money Back Guarantee

However, when you decide to buy, I want you to know that we offer what I don’t think anyone else in Panama offers – a chance to change your mind.

We give you 30 days from the time of signing the purchase agreement to change your mind about buying a particular piece of property.

No questions asked.

We will give you a full and fast refund (minus closing costs).

All our properties are throughly vetted and are priced well. Therefore,we don’t think you will take us up on this refund offer, but it is there if you need it.

Financing + Air Fare Bonus

We even sweeten the deal in 2 ways:

1) If you buy one of our properties, we will pay your airfare you spent to get to Panama. (FYI, If you do change your mind and get a refund, it will be minus the cost of the airfare).

2) We offer financing on many of our properties. Since it can be hard & time consuming for individual foreigners to qualify for a bank mortgage this is a great perk. Click the “Why Buy From Us” link below for details on our financing.

Discover 10 good reasons to buy from us.

Even if you don’t buy from us, we are always available to answer your questions.

We want to help you be happy in Panama.


This ocean view property is priced to sell at only $54,500.

This is an amazing deal especially when you realize you can create 3 separate lots on the property.  You could create one for a renal house, and one to sell, or some other configuration.

We look forward to showing you the property.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Property Details
Price: $54,500 - ocean views
Neighborhood: Las Palmas
City: Puerto Armuelles
Province: Chiriqui
Country: Panama
Square Feet (site): 59,200 sq. ft.
Square Feet (house): N/A
Site Dimensions (Feet):
Beachfront (linear meters): N/A
Beachfront (linear feet): N/A
Reference Name: Las Palmas hill

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Could you please give the address so we could drive by?

Betsy Czark

Hi David, well, I don’t think an address would help you. Are you in town?
It really would be easier for someone to show it to you.

Please let me know when you will be in town and I or a friend will show you the location.

Wayne Burden

Hello! Still available? If so, what size house would comfortably fit on this lot? Also, you mentioned it’s on the brow of a hill… what’s below the hill, and is the hill undercut in any way by man or weather? Thanks!

Betsy Czark

Hi Wayne,

Yes it is still available. You could make the property into 3 lots comfortably. You could fit 3-4 substantial houses on the property. Or if you want, one massive house on the whole thing. There is no undercut on the hill, at the bottom is a dirt road and a couple of houses.

Ramona Apostol

Is this property still available?

Betsy Czark

Hi Ramona, Thanks for your patience awaiting my reply. I was unavoidably delayed.

Yes, the property is still available.

If you have any questions about this or other propeties please give us a call or send us an email.


Thank you Betsy!