Put Your Beach Bungalow(s) Here

palm trees, bow of fishing boat, beach, and blue ocean and sky
Enjoy the easy life

Live the life of Riley.

You can afford to with this screaming deal: 

Only $29K for 84′ of beachfront.

Get your toe hold on beach front at a price you can afford.

This beach front property is a good spot to build a beach bungalow – or 2.

Rent one, and live in the other.  For only $29,500 it is hard to go wrong.

You’re not paying for any fat — just pure “filet mignon” beachfront.

Screenshot of google map satellite view with lot marked in green, with red arrow
Right on the beach in the San Vicente neighborhood of Puerto Armuelles

It is flat and level and ready for construction, or even a trailer.

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Why Live Here

  • Walk and swim at the beach every day.
  • Enjoys views of Mt Baru and Punta Burica
  • Refreshing ocean breezes
  • Ocean views.
  • Grocery store & restaurants on a 4 minute walk away.
  • Downtown Puerto Armuelles 15 minute walk away.
  • Strong investment upside.
  • Flat and level and ready for construction, or even a trailer.
  • Builders available to build your beach home

 Property Details

  • 84 linear feet of beachfront
  • Lot is a total of 5000 square feet (465 sq. meters)
  • All utilities on site
  • One of the lowest price beach front lot in Puerto
  • Ready for construction
  • Flat property with easy access

Great Location

The property is in the San Vicente neighborhood of Puerto Armuelles Panama.

The property is in town, but in a quiet little “eddy” off the main flow. Close to services, including restaurants and stores.

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This land is titled.  It was titled many years ago by the bank Morgan & Morgan.  This is good news.

If this were a right of possession (ROP) property, as a foreigner, you could not title it.  That is because foreigners are not allowed to own titled land within 10 kilometers of the border. And this property is less than 10 kilometers from the Costa Rica border.  (Find out about the Panama 10K rule here.)

But because the property is already titled, it is fully and completely legal for a foreigner to have the title transferred into their name.  As I said good news.

Morgan & Morgan long ago abandoned its ownership of this and other properties in San Vicente.

If you want the title of this property in your name it is a simple matter to transfer the title from Morgan & Morgan to your name.  It is an optional step.  If you want to do it, your lawyer can handle this whole transaction for you. Others have done this easily and successfully before.

Much like getting a property titled for the first time, there is a cost involved.  It is similar to what it would cost to title an ROP property, if you, as a foreigner, were allowed to do so in this location.

Property Tax Exempt

Another piece of good news is that this property will soon be exempt from property taxes.

On October 18, 2017, Panama passed a huge Property tax reform.  Starting in Jan. 2019, you will own zero property taxes on your primary home if you bought it for under $120,000.

So this property would be tax-exempt. (Assuming it is your primary residence in Panama).

You can find out more about 2017 Panama property tax reform here. 

Expat Community

Another bonus for this location is that it is close to 2 weekly expat gatherings: Sundays at Tsunami & Wednesdays at Big Daddy’s Beach Club & Hotel.

This property is only a 3 to 5 minute stroll from both of these friendly and supportive expat gatherings.

I’m pleased to say I started the Wednesday get together at Big Daddy’s. I am very happy that it has evolved into a supportive Whatsapp group as well.

Puerto Armuelles – A Charming Beach Town

This property is in the charming & unique beach town of Puerto Armuelles.

“Puerto” is a wonderful place to live. It is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing beach lifestyle and retirement.

About Puerto Armuelles

  • Puerto has a real sense of place
  • Located right on the Pacific Ocean
  • Historic town. Built by Chiquita Banana, starting in the late 1920s
  • 2nd largest town in the popular Chiriqui Province.
  • Everything you need, right in town

Although it is not yet a tourist destination, Puerto has features to attract recreational visitors, as well as retirees.

  • Horseback riding on the beach or in the hills
  • Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or sea kayaking
  • Walks on the beach
  • Weekly expat get togethers
  • Volunteer to teach English at local University and schools
  • Help with local volunteer spay & neuter animal clinic
  • Fishing (there is even a fishing lodge 30 mins away, Hooked on Panama)
  • Feed the monkeys at Mono Feliz (about an hour drive away on Punta Burica)
  • Help with turtle rescue at Tigre Salvaje (40 min walk past Mono Feliz on Punta Burica)
  • Whale watching in season
  • Day trips to Boquete, Volcan or Boca Chica
  • Bocas del Toro is only 5 hour drive away and makes for a fun weekend trip
  • River rafting opportunities and more nearby

Puerto Armuelles is a place where you can easily create a happy and relaxed life.

Come visit us in Puerto, and see if you agree with us.


If this property interests you, catch a plane to Panama.

Check out the property, town, and Panama.

This is the only way you will ever find out if is a good fit for you.

Please try to give me a heads up about when you are coming to Puerto Armuelles. That way we can set aside some out time to meet you. We enjoy giving people tours of property and town.

We love Puerto Armuelles, and you very well might love it too.

Next Steps

I recommend that you do the following:

  1. Contact us to schedule a tour of the property and the town
  2. If you don’t already know if Panama is right for you, take our brief “Will I Be Happy in Panama” quiz. The quiz provides a glimpse into the various challenges you may experience in Panama.
  3. Explore our site to learn more about Puerto Armuelles and get other FAQs answered

Keep in mind, that you really should spend some time living in Panama before you buy property.  You need to make sure Panama (and Puerto Armuelles) is a good fit for you before making a commitment to buy property.

Money Back Guarantee

However, when you decide to buy, I want you to know that we offer what I don’t think anyone else in Panama offers – a chance to change your mind.

We give you 30 days from the time of signing the purchase agreement to change your mind about buying a particular piece of property.

No questions asked.

We will give you a full and fast refund (minus closing costs).

All our properties are throughly vetted and are priced well. Therefore,we don’t think you will take us up on this refund offer, but it is there if you need it.

Financing + Air Fare Bonus

We even sweeten the deal in 2 ways:

1) If you buy one of our properties, we will pay your airfare you spent to get to Panama. (FYI, If you do change your mind and get a refund, it will be minus the cost of the airfare).

2) We offer financing on many of our properties. Since it can be hard & time consuming for individual foreigners to qualify for a bank mortgage this is a great perk. Click the “Why Buy From Us” link below for details on our financing.

Discover 10 good reasons to buy from us.

Even if you don’t buy from us, we are always available to answer your questions.

We want to help you be happy in Panama.


A world class bargain of a beach front lot for only $29,500

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Want To See This Property?

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Learn about the “6 Steps to Buy Property in Panama”.

Explore more beach property in Puerto Armuelles. You can also use the search bar on top of the every page.


Property Details
Price: $29,500 - beachfront
Neighborhood: San Vicente
City: Puerto Armuelles
Province: Chiriqui
Country: Panama
Square Feet (site): 3275 sq ft
Square Feet (house): N/A
Site Dimensions (Feet): 84' x 42'
Beachfront (linear meters): 26 m
Beachfront (linear feet): 84'
Reference Name: Pura Vida - All

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Joe Long

The satellite photo looks the property pinches beach access from the street. That would not be a friendly start for a new resident.
As your lowest priced property, why is it less than similar ones?