Welcome To The Puerto Armuelles B &B

Smiling woman sitting in an orange hammock
Your Host, Martha or Martita

About The B&B

This house is on several acres of well maintained land.

The owner’s name is Martita (Martha).  She is a native Puertaineo.  For many years she lived in the States.  Her English is excellent.

The B&B is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Puerto Armuelles, in the Agua Buena neighborhood.

If you don’t have a car, a taxi is always available.   One is stationed in the neighborhood.

About the  B&B – Photos below

  • Delicious breakfast is included
  • Other meals are provided upon request and for an additional cost
  • A/C in main living area, fans in the bedrooms
  • Cable TV in the living room
  • Smoking allowed outside only
  • 2 gazebos in the large yard
  • Back porch
  • Living room

It is also a small farm with chickens, pigs, and especially horses

  • Horseback riding is available
  • No animals are permitted in the house.
  • There are dogs and cats, but not in the house.


The Rooms

  • 1 room with 2 twin beds
  • 1 room with 1 queen bed
  • 1 room with 1 queen bed
 The bathroom is shared.  There are no bathrooms in the rooms.


  • $30/night including breakfast.
  • Long-terms rates are available.

Contact Info 

If you are calling Panama from the USA, dial 011 first, then the country code of 507

For example, from the USA you would call:

011 + 507 + Panama phone number

  • 770-9460
  • 6568-8075

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Property Details
Price: $30/night w/breakfast - A B&B
City: Puerto Armuelles
Country: Panama
Square Feet (site):
Square Feet (house):
Site Dimensions (Feet):
Beachfront (linear meters):
Beachfront (linear feet):
Reference Name:

More Features:
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6 Comments on "Welcome To The Puerto Armuelles B &B"

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I am almost 76-what would you suggest in finding definite info about relocating-am kind of open about where. Have a house here in Denver, CO but am getting tired of snow and cold. Have lived in Charleston, SC. Am a pretty down to earth person but have not lived in an apartment for over 50 years. Am single and very open to different situations, but not pampered, Will be off to the library soon to find more info. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


Betsy Czark

Hi Arlene,

I will suggest what I always do. Before you get embroiled in too much research, make a trip to Panama. You don’t mention visiting Panama in your comment. In even a quick visit you will find out pretty quickly if Panama might work for you. Once you know that, you then you can find out more and get into the nitty gritty details of relocating.

It really isn’t hard to relocate. The hardest part is leaving. The setting up here is much easier.

barbara &houston bryce
barbara &houston bryce

looking for 30 days stay whats the cost and whats includedlooking at feb03 -mar 1 2016

Betsy Czark

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the comment, but you need to contact Martita directly about staying in the B&B.
Return to this page to get her contact info.

If you would like to see property while you are in town, please let me know.
The best way is via email or our contact page


Can you tell me the cost of long term stay please.
-=ray roscoe

Betsy & Reyn

Hi Ray,

If you fill out the form on this page, you will be given the phone numbers to call and find out about the cost of a long term stay.