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Updated: August 24, 2017

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These FAQs will answer many of your Panama questions.

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1) What Is The Cost Of Living In Panama?

This is one of our most popular questions.
Here are 5 posts on the subject to explore.

2) How Can I Make Money In Panama?

Also check out these posts for answers

3) What Is Health Care Like In Panama?

4) Obamacare?

  • Does living in Panama make me exempt from Obamacare? (US Citizens only)

  • How do I qualify for an exemption?

  • Do I need to do anything?

5) Do I Qualify For Panama’s Pensionado Visa?

  • What is the Pensionado Visa program

  • What age do I have to be to qualify?

  • Are its benefits and discounts mostly hype?

6) 4 Options For Your Panama Resident Visa

  • 4 most common visas, including the Pensionado and Friendly Nations Visa

7)  What Do I Need To Do To Move To Panama

A great checklist that covers everything, including

  • What should you do with all your stuff?

  • What should you bring with you?

  • How about my mail, my pet, and my taxes?

8) How Do You Buy Property In Panama?

  • A detailed guide to the process

9) Is It Safe To Buy ROP Property?

  • What precautions can you take?

10) What To Do To Safeguard ROP Real Estate?

  • Do these 3 things IMMEDIATELY after buying ROP property

11) How To Title Property In Panama?

  • You must complete a number of steps. But none of them are difficult.
    You will need a good lawyer.

12) Why Buy Property From Us, Betsy & Reyn

Of course, this assumes you already love Puerto Armuelles and plan to buy property in Puerto.

We also offer 4 options/bonuses to make buying property from us more affordable and secure.

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  2. Our Financing Offer on Property

  3. Pay for Airfare 

  4. Reserve Property for 60 Days 

13) About Building A House In Panama

14 ) Taxes in Panama

15)  Taxes in USA

16) 18 Ways To Finance Real Estate In Panama

  • Self directed IRAs, Cash out Refinancing, and other ways

17) How To Get A Mortgage Loan In Panama?

  • What are the 2 factors that determines if you will get a loan

  • What documents will you need?

  • Do you need to be a resident?

18) How To Open A Bank Account In Panama?

  • Can Americans open a bank account?

  • What documents do I need to bring from “home”?

19) How Can I Transport My Pet To Panama?

There are alot of regulations and organizations involved

20) Should I Bring My Car To Panama?

  • The why and why nots

21) How To Buy A Used Car In Panama?

  • There are 7 steps to buying a car in Panama

22) What Is It Like To Drive In Panama?

  • What are the rules?

  • Is it safe to drive in Panama?

23) What About Panama Culture, Traditions & Rituals?

This is a big topic.  Here are some of my related posts.

24) How Do I Get To Puerto Armuelles?

  • How to drive from David to Puerto Armuelles?

  • Do I need to go thru Costa Rica?

  • What do I need to show at Police check points?

25) Is Panama Safe?

  • How safe is Panama?

  • Is the crime rate high in Panama?

  • Is the government & currency stable?

26) Guns In Panama

  • Can I bring my guns into Panama?

  • Do I need a permit?

  • What are the rules about gun ownership in Panama?

27) Where To Live in Panama?

  • What are my choices?

28) What Is Panama’s 10 Kilometer rule?

  • Is Puerto Armuelles inside or outside 10K line?

  • Can you buy property within 10K of the border?

29) What Is The Weather or Climate Like?

  • Did you know Panama has hundreds of microclimates?

  • Also, you take the online weather reports with a huge grain of salt.

30) What About Learning Spanish?

Click one of the links below for more on learning Spanish

31) Will I Be Happy In Panama?

  • Take our quiz to find out

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I can’t seem to find any airlines serving David. Everything I see terminates in Panama City. What do you recommend?