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Joan Quilico

I would like to know if I could set up a bank account in Puerto or do I have to go to PC or David? And what bank is in Puerto?

Joan Quilico

Hi Betsy and Reyn,
It was great to talk with you Reyn. I am looking at coming to Puerto Oct 12 and want to check and see if you and Betsy will be there t that time.

Jim kirby

Can you tell me if diesel fuel is available in Puerto Armuelles?

We have been reading up on Puerto Armuelles for a while now and hope to visit next year and possibly retire there. We enjoy reading all of the information you’ve posted regarding the area, but notice there are no dates appearing on the messages above so we’re not sure how old these messages are. Also what is the status of the repeal of Articles 2 & 3 of Panama Law 120? You mentioned you would be writing more on this topic later on in the day but we are unable to locate any further information. Thank you for all of… Read more »

Corazon de Oro ohoh I realized I may have left out the urbanization name!


Hi Phil,

I got your question via our contact form.
I have sent you an email in reply.