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    About Us at Living in Panama

    6 photos of our family on ocean background
    Come On Down & Visit Puerto Armuelles Panama. You Might Love It Here Too.

    Our family has lived in Panama for over 10 years.


    In that time we have learned alot about living in Panama.
    We have gained valuable insights which you can only get after living in an area for years.

    We are happy to share those insights with you.

    Where In Panama

    We live in the beach town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama.
    We love it here.

    Puerto Armuelles is on the Pacific Ocean.  It is in the popular Chiriqui Province.

    Surprisingly it is the only true beach town in Panama.
    Click here to learn more about Puerto Armuelles. 

    Property For Sale

    We have not only lived here, we have invested in some fabulous properties. Living here has allowed us to take our time and purchase well.   We truly have some fabulous properties.

    To explore our affordable property listings click here.

    Building a House

    In the States, my husband Reyn had a successful design/build
    firm for years.

    Reyn loves to design homes. He is happy to point you to
    reputable builders and to discuss viable design options for your home.

    Living In Panama House

    You can also have one of our Living In Panama Houses built on any of our properties.

    The Living in Panama House is not a recreation of a house from up north, but a house specifically for the tropics.

    We have 3 models to choose from.   Find out more about the Living In Panama House.

    If your next adventure is in Panama, we hope you have as
    much fun as we are having.

    – Betsy, Reyn, Skylar & Blaise