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It can be scary to move to another country.
So many questions, so many things that are unknown.

You will find many of your Panama questions answered on our FAQ page.

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Take our Should I Move To Panama?” Quiz.

It will help you think about the wide-range of issues that will confront you if you move to Panama.

Are you moving to Panama, but don’t know where?

Explore the only true beach town in Panama, Puerto Armuelles.

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Check out these beautiful & affordable properties.
These properties have some of the lowest per meter prices you will find in Puerto Armuelles – or in Panama.

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Bruce MacKinnon
Bruce MacKinnon
1 day 16 hours ago
Hi Betsy. We’ve been researching a possible move to Panama in the near future and really like your area. However, since we have a five year old daughter, I am concerned that the closest international school seems to be in David…too far to commute daily. I read with interest your daughters article about her experience with the area schools, and don’t think the local schools would work for us ! Is it possible to be in the area of the beaches and still be close to good schools, or for that do you need to be closer to the Coronado… Read more »
3 months 29 days ago

Hi Betsy and Reyn,
We will be in Puerto Armuelles April 21-23 and hope to visit with you about your area. Not sure at this time where, that’s why this trip to some reconnaisance to see if we even like Panama enough to relocate. Will be staying at the Heavenly hotel and will look you up if you will be there at that time.

Joan Quilico
Joan Quilico
4 months 8 days ago

Betsy and Reyn,
Thank you so much for a wonderful day looking at properties in Puerto Armuelles. There are so many great choices. Your work on the water front house is going to make this a great property with the ocean out of your back door.
As always I enjoyed our conversation s. I am looking forward to many more when I am in Puerto full time.

5 months 12 hours ago

Help! Would like to know if you still have the 2 lots available side by side on the waterfront please. Thx.

karl murphy
11 months 30 days ago

sorry to hear of death in your family, offer my condolences, much too early to leave this earth